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Today I, me, 33-year-old me, wore a hair bow for a day. I know I know, I sound like I’ve cracked up and gone mad, not because I wore the bow, but because I am writing a blog post about it!! hahaha!!

I mean we all get a bit self-conscious right? So, I decided after my popular poll about “Mambows” should I just wear one? I love them!!! I wear topknots and head bands and fascinators for occasions so why the hell can’t we wear grown up bows too?

So, it started on the school run, and at first, I felt like I wanted to rip it out!! But then I got this confidence. I popped around and did a few jobs, visited family, back to school all with bow still intact!! By which time I had totally forgotten about it! Then at night I took it out and it made me really think... It made me think that I felt good that I’d dared to wear it!! I know you might be thinking, it’s just a hair bow but it’s not the norm is it?

So, I guess the point I am making is that... I have never been swimming in confidence, I am self-conscious, I follow brands and trends and magazines! That say we all must do this and that, but we really don’t have to, we can do what we want!!

I showed the design to a friend of mine who said, “I am just not cool enough to pull that off”. Its not about pulling it off its about daring to be different and showing our kids that anything goes.

The one thing that life has taught me already in 2019 is that we are only here once! And so, what if others judge or look! So, what if we do things that aren’t ‘normal’. Who cares?

So, I wore my bow made by me with pride! My kids loved it, we matched for some of the day and it filled me with a little smug confidence to know that I am in a place in my life where not caring is key. I care enough but not too seriously!! And what a place it is to be...

So, get your Mambow on our website now. Believe me it’s a feel-good option. An option designed to lift a mood. A gift option to put a little smile on somebody’s face... Who will join me in the “Mambow” revolution?

I know it has done me the world of good!!! #mambowbedifferent

Mel x