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The Girls go viral 😂🤨🥴

Social media was discussed a lot on Channel 4 yesterday morning... one of the things that was said was that so many people feel it’s part of their job to keep on going, posting and posting and exposing themselves further! Whether it be on Instagram, Facebook or even on the likes of LinkedIn we all feel an immense pressure to put ourselves out there! And if we don’t put ourselves out there, we fear that we will lose our grip! Well that is true... you do lose your grip, interest is lost and people do move on to the next if you do not continue!! It can be so positive, but it is so easy to fall into a trap where it affects you negatively too!!!

I have a small following in comparison to most. I have always posted what ever I want on here without much thought! I do not let it affect me negatively and I really don’t care what people think but this week has been a bit different... a bit of a shock in fact 👀

I posted the video of the girls receiving their big surprise on Christmas morning to my Instagram TV, weeks ago when I first posted it to you guys on my stories... Not thinking much of it... This week out of the blue it started to draw attention! And now our little Christmas morning video is at 30,000+ views 😂 I got pretty creeped out at just 3000 views, I even considered removing it! But I actually wanted to see where it panned out... The tally is still going up... I’m gaining followers, I’m growing quicker than ever before which is positive and I’m not complaining in anyway about that 😂 exposure is after all, all any of us using these free tools for business strive for!! But to know that all of those people have seen that moment blows my mind, it has taken that personal video of my girls and a family moment, not my bows themselves to create this boom!! Unbelievable!!

It made me think that without Instagram or Facebook or all of these platforms we have these days, how would any of these businesses like mine survive? In fact would they even exist? I doubt it!!! I doubt without the free tools we have now to send our makes worldwide in milliseconds we would be running today at all!!

The point I’m making is that people love to see you exposed, people these days only seem to buy into people! When you hit that exposure like we did this week, (albeit small compared to some) it honestly becomes a cross roads of quitting for the privacy or carrying on! At first it made me think that I should post more, that’s how I’ll crack my audience!! Nobody sees my posts or stories So I’ll give it a go... But then is it really healthy for me to do that? But then if I don’t, will I continue to grow? I think not!

It has become so normal for us to switch on our phones and search for our favourite Instagram account. We love the accounts who chat to us... however mundane their day was it becomes amazing to us!!!!!! These people don’t have to be world famous celebrities, we will literally invest our time in just about anyone with something to say 🤣 We all have our favourites, our favourite homes, parents, cleaning obsessives, bakers, families, fashionistas, health and fitness people, people who travel the world! You name it, we can get invested!

Because of this fact I would hazard a guess that a huge percentage of us have experienced envy at a story or post of someone who appears to be nailing life!!! But all in all, this exposure could be affecting us mentally! Then in the next breath, it’s everywhere!!! It has now become the norm! So I will embrace it!

All of the above could seem a bit negative! It’s not at all, but it’s how I have felt this week! Its made me think A LOT and wonder which way to move forward! I completely appreciate every interaction, the messages, comments, likes and well wishes.... The hours spent online are worth it to grow a business, and it is after all the way of the world now. I have my favourite accounts that I watch everyday religiousl, so maybe I just didn’t ever think it would be on the receiving end of such an audience on a simple personal video!

After careful thought I have decided to still keep posting the girls and I, it did creep me out at first, I don’t know who’s viewing! It’s all a bit new to me but I have left that video live! And I am greatful for the boost!! Not that I post too much of my family, I don’t and I may regret it, but why should I? I make quality headbands and bows and that is what I ultimately want you to see but sharing a little and not a lot surely can’t harm.

I will take more breaks though because this way of promoting your business can be consuming in mind and in time!! So if someone is missing from your feed, someone that you usually invest in, and enjoy watching, don’t walk away from them! Maybe they need a break from this “look at me“ society we live in! And just know this, they have worked incredibly hard to gain your attention and to draw you to their business! So love them for that business, keep interacting, keep supporting and give them some time! If they make a change... go with it!! They are rocking whatever they do so they deserve your patience 🖤

what do you think? Do you like to see businesses real lives online? Or do you prefer just to see their products? Answers on a post card... it would be lovely to hear your views!



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