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The Small Teessiders...

So... You have probably all heard me banging on about The Small Teessiders (or TST for short for the purposes of this blog post). Well I just want to tell you a little bit more about our group...

Late last year I had a little idea, to create a support group for local businesses to come together to support each other via social media, have a chat group to share our ideas, give guidance and occasionally collaborate together. I daringly sent out a message to about 15 local creative entities, who to my surprise at the time, each responded with nothing but positivity to my new venture.

As time went on we grew into something a little more. We got to know each other, became friends and our enthusiasm went through the roof and Suddenly TST were born.

For a long time prior to TST I had this vision, of a local market for local brands to come together to show off their wares to local customers. It all seemed like a bit of a wish and a prayer for me if I’m honest, but during one of our many daily (highly entertaining) conversations, I mentioned it to the other members and they loved the idea. Before we knew it we had met with a local venue, expanded our ranks and the very first TST market was announced.

TST is home to some of the most creative and enthusiastic people I have ever known. We have Homeware, Jewellery, art work, clothing, fashion accessories, health food, bakes, keepsakes, crochet, macrame, candles.... you name it, we have it.

In my lifetime I have known many people judge Teesside as an area and it’s people too. But the talent and determination that shines through in our group shows what Teesside as an area is all about. For me its about loyalty, determination, creativity and commitment too.

That being said, TST are strongly committed to each other and our surroundings! Being a small business isn’t easy, especially in our area. Unemployment is high and income is low in comparison with other parts of the UK, so working alone around here is tough!!! You have to get out there to be seen and heard, battle through the realms of social media, convince your friends and family to support you, gain trust, confidence and interest your brand and much more, all by yourself! But... with a group like this, it has become much easier to survive.

Our market aims to provide Teesside and its surrounding areas with a little more than just a craft fair. It has a young, fun feel, with some amazing stalls (trust me, I have seen what the others are bringing).

So... if you are local please pop into The Elmwood Centre, Stockton on Sunday 23rd June 2019, from 10:30am to support our market!

Thanks to those who have already taken the time to support us. Your well wishes mean everything.

Please Spread the word...

Mel x


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